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Fun Activities To Do At Home With Your Child

Fun Activities To Do At Home With Your Child

Spending time at home during the weekend with your child can be fun if you have ran out of ideas on what to do for the weekend.

Fun Activities To Do At Home With Your Child

Spending time at home during the weekend with your child can be fun if you have ran out of ideas on what to do for the weekend. During home activities, you can even be thrifty at home and be creative. On this article, we have gathered a list of activities that is interesting for you to spend some time with your family at home.
Kids definitely like crafts. They are attracted by how many steps that will take to create something and that’s why crafts will keep them busy ad active. This is a YouTube channel that is favored and recommended by us called Easy Kids Craft where it will help you and your child to learn arts and craft to do together. Origami is also a favorite of a child. This Japanese craft will the children be creative and create all different type of design such as boat, hats , bunny and they can later on move to even more advance stuff.
2)Drawing and Coloring
Drawing and Colorings can be a way to fill their past time. All you need to do is to buy them a big piece of paper and set the rules for them to fill up the entire paper before moving on to the next activity. Let their imagination run wild on the empty canvas! Parents should also help to draw with the children together as it is a fun activity to bond as a family. If you were wanting to try something unique, you can let the children use different types of stuff to color and not just by using water color. You can also let them use cotton, stones, pebbles, vegetables or crumpled papers.
3)Basic Cooking and Bakery
Kids are usually prohibited from entering the kitchen as they will mess up or injure themselves with knife or other sharp objects. When the children are mature enough to think for themselves, parents should tell their children on how dangerous it is to play around in the kitchen and not just prohibite them without any reasoning. Bring them around the kitchen and guide them while letting them help while you are cooking or baking to let them gain some experience. As long as you are watching them closely and guiding them, they would not do anything dangerous or careless. Let them try something easy such as making sandwiches or pancakes, biscuit , popsicle or even pizza. It will become a fun time for you and the little ones.
Charades is a game that is fun for everyone! Even adults love this game and it is usually played in a party out with friends together. Your child will have fun when they try and act something and guess the word. This game actually let the children be more expressive and simplify words and description for them! Choosing a word or a character from their favourite film, story books or daily activities can be acted out in this game. Another way of playing this game is to play in teams and when a team loses, they have to be punished or obey whatever the wining team orders them to do. There is also an application on the phone such as “Kids Charades” or write it on a paper , fold it and put it in a bowl to let the players randomly draw a word.
5)Film Marathon
 Watching films with the family together is always fun. Suggesting this activity to your children will definitely make them smile with happiness. Make the film marathon even more fun by adding a theme to it. For example, everyone can be dressed as their favourite super heroes and watch Marvel movies back to back. If you are unable to watch it for the entire day, another idea is to do a movie night where you can watch the movies during nigh time with your family!
6) Board Games
Board games can be a fun and at the same time educational! This helps the children to stay away from the electronic gadgets and let them experience the fun of Scribble where they can learn new words or Monopoly which will teach them how to manage money wisely, Twister is also a famous game including Jenga, Hoot! Owl ! Hoot!, Sagrada, Splendor, Clue, 7 Wonders Catan and Forbidden Island.
7)Building  A Play Space
Parents usually like to watch their children play in the inflatable pool, but this idea isn’t well suited for the families that are staying in the apartment or condominium because of the limited slot, If a inflatable pool isn’t the best choice of idea, you can change it to a activity with more “dry land” activity. One way is to fill the inflatable pool with balls, toys and maybe surrounding it by a train track. If you have more source available, you can try making a huge ball pit in the living room! Your children would definitely love their new play space, to make it even more fun, you can hug and play with them together while watching films or cartoons
8)Bubbles And Balloons
The easiest activity to spend time with the children is to burst some bubbles and balloons! By Blow some balloons and let the children try and make it burst by using their different part of their bodies. To make it more interesting, have a competition to decide who is able to burst more balloons the fastest in a set time. As an alternative, you can also buy a bottle of bubbles and blow it while asking your children to pop it. Letting them jump, run, laugh and shout all around!
9)Reading Together
Reading Together with your children before letting them go to sleep. The reason for doing this is because after the entire day is filled with different physical activities. So, during the night, you can do some more relaxing activities. Reading a book or telling them stories with the children is a great activity that can increase their knowledge and sharpen their minds.
Sep 21, 2020

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