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Phonics Programme (4 - 14 years old)

Phonics programme is a foundation programme for children with proven effective methods. Children learn how to blend letters to create invariant sounds which empower them to take charge of their own reading progress.

Through this programme, children can read intuitively without purposely memorizing vocabulary, they also get to strengthen their reading ability and enhance their critical thinking skill. They'll be able to master reading concepts on their own, thus develop their confidence and build reading habits. Upon completion of the Phonics programme, children will be able to "read by eyes, spell by ears".

Uniqueness of our programme:

  • Able to do spelling with minimal practice
  • Able to read story books instead of just looking at the pictures
  • Inspire a lifetime love of reading
  • Develop confidence to speak English

With our Phonics programme, students can read well with the correct pronunciation and improve their reading skills.

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