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Reason Your Child Lose Focus

Reason Your Child Lose Focus

During the process of learning, it is normal for a child to lose focus, most parents are well aware of this issue but, not all parents now the real reason

Reasons Your Child Loses Focus While Learning….

During the process of learning, it is normal for a child to lose focus, most parents are well aware of this issue but, not all parents now the real reason behind why their children can’t be focused enough during their learning sessions in class,

One of the key factor that makes this happen is…………..

1 They don’t understand what is being discussed or taught


A attention of a child can be affected when they don’t understand what is being taught by the teacher in class, to make it more worse, the children will be afraid and shy to ask the classroom teacher about the topic and thus making them drift away from the class and head into other distractions and disrupting their learning session.




#2 The activities are not challenging enough


To some students, sometimes things that are taught in class aren’t challenging enough to test their strength of brainpower to think and react. The effects are that the student will start to feel bored and will be in search of something more fun and entertaining to them. Here at KLC, we ensure that the students are encouraged to read books diligently no matter the type of books. The reason for this is to train them to constantly learn new things and learn words that are new and harder to read.

#3 Environmental Disturbance


Everything and anything that comes outside or inside of the class can be a “virus” that weakens the concentration and focus of a student. This will truly test on the creativity of a teacher to ensure that it brings the students back right on track.



#4 Lack Of Self -Motivation


In many situations, it is the own self interest that will make a person motivated and to do something better. So when kids are not showing any interest in a subject that they are learning, it is hard for them to focus and give their attention to it. It is also the parents that play a role to know and understand the interest of their children at home and try to use their interest as a way of motivation for the children to give them benefits.

 #5 Not Enough Sleep And Vitamins


When a child has less than 8-10 hours of sleep every night, they are not getting an efficient amount energy to keep their focus up in class. This situation is worsen when a child does not have breakfast and starts the class with an empty stomach. If this keeps up , all they could imagine are strawberry sandwiches in class for the day.

 #6 Improper Learning Tools


A student is easily distracted when they do not have the proper tools in class. Some of the common problems are not pencils, leaving the exercise book at home which is one of the few reason that makes them uneasy in class from the start till the end. When the their thought is affected, whatever that is taught by the teacher will be blocked by a mental barrier and becomes hard to learn. This is one of the main reasons why parents should always ensure that their child is properly prepared and bring the right books to class.



Sep 29, 2020

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