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The Four Elements To Master English

The Four Elements To Master English

expose to a child is to understand and know how toEpronounce and read every word.

The Four Elements To Master English

1) Reading
One of the most important things to expose to a child is to understand and know how to pronounce and read every word. Why is this important? It’s because for example, there are different sounds with different alphabets used in English and Bahasa Melayu.
For an example, the alphabet C contains different kind of pronunciation if it's used is English and Bahasa Melayu.This is one of the reasons why basics phonics is very important to help children read. At KLC, our way of teaching isn’t just “memorizing” that is used by many other people.

2) Listening
For listening skills, it trains the children to spell well and confidently. If they already master the basic of speaking, then it is easy for them to know the sound and to spell out the words for them again. Not only that but listening skills give the children to train themselves so that they can react faster while processing the words in their head in an instant.

3) Writing
Writing is a skill that can help children to master essay writing in school and improve on their spelling. By learning and mastering this skill, it can help them to avoid spelling error or grammar mistakes in their writing. If the children can master the basics of writing skill very well then it should benefit from helping them score in the examinations
Other than that, writing skills is also good to help them improve their creative and critical thinking

4) Speaking
The skills to speak good English are one of the skills that is extremely important these days no matter where you are.
The few reasons why speaking skill is important is because of communication between an individual, job interviews, university, travelling to other countries and more.
Studies shows that the English Language is the second most used language in the world! So wherever you goif you are good in Englishit will surely help you wherever you go and if you can speak wellit can makes lot of things easy for you.

Not only that as it can also help you to add more experience while giving you the opportunity to help you learn other cultures with ease. Even if visiting a country that doesn’t uses English as their main language, but there are still many article and information that is related that uses English.

Sep 21, 2020

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